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Sep 2, 2012 10:30am EDT
quote here tonight. like craig, i can feel my dad looking down on us, just as i've felt his presence in every grace-filled moment of my life. and at six-foot-six, i've often felt like craig was looking down on me, too, literally. but the truth is, both when we
Sep 1, 2012 9:37am PDT
million dollar commitment that we have made. we're looking at $57 million for the eight early implantation projects that will be implemented across the city. we're also going to have $6 million committed to ongoing citywide planning. that will leverage the results of additional projects, and identify additional city projects that warrant implementation. you can see the allocation of the $51 million and the $13 million to the central bayside and the west side pomp station projects, with the remaining two hundred $73 million available for projects -- $two hundred 73 million available for projects throughout the city. these projects would have an impact of $5 per month on the average repair bill. in summary, when we presented our final costs at the end of workshops 1 and 2, we identified about $3.9 billion for treatment costs, and about two $0.7 billion for system collection costs for a total of the $6.998 billion. in total today, the treatment is now $3.8 billion. the collection systems cost said the same. -- stays the same. and we have a total of 6.9 $3 billion for the overall -- $6.93 bill
Sep 3, 2012 10:30pm PDT
green. as we discussed at that time, we looked at various sites tunnels and recommended a 34 ft. diameter tunnel at a cost of just over $1.2 billion. at that time, we also discussed the possibility that the 10 discharges per year could be achieved with a smaller diameter tunnel. since the last workshop, we have connected as bad -- additional studies and determined that the infrastructure would like to get us to 10. however, the total cost of that would be just under $1.3 billion. in finalizing the budget for the bayside, we recommend going with the 1.29 $4 billion. -- the $1.29 4 billion. in this way, as we continue to develop this project, we can determine the right combination of tunnel size and green infrastructure to accomplish our project executive -- objectives. this would be accomplished through the ongoing watershed process, utilizing the triple bottom line analyses, and the planning and ceqa review that will be undertaken as part of the central bayside project. these analyses will be guided by the permit negotiations that will begin this fall, and of course, the perform
Sep 6, 2012 10:30am PDT
. we then look that particular issues associated with bayside, the west side, and green infrastructure, which as you recall, we made a $400 million commitment to. systemwide recommendations include operational improvements, a pump station rehabilitation, combined super discharge out wall structural improvements and backflow prevention where needed, and odor prevention sites throughout the system. these projects totaled $838 million and we have a $14 per month impact on the average monthly bill. when we looked at the bayside system, you may remember the drivers were concerned with. there is replacement or redundancy, regulatory compliance to get initially to the recurrence of 10 recurrences per year, but also redundancy in the future anticipated reduction we may face in the upcoming renewal process. we also wanted to incorporate green. as we discussed at that time, we looked at various sites tunnels and recommended a 34 ft. diameter tunnel at a cost of just over $1.2 billion. at that time, we also discussed the possibility that the 10 discharges per year could be achieved with a smaller
Sep 26, 2012 2:00pm EDT
i'm beth troutman. let's take a look at the best videos of the day "right this minute." teens go on an atv joy ride when the middle atv seems to slow down to a stop. how that led to a middle of the road disaster. >>> elderly twins retire after 50 years as prostitutes in amsterdam. what they reveal on a european morning show is staggering. >> you're telling me these two ladies shagged like half the prop population of amsterdam. >> no you didn't. >> two big geese go at it. one of him is defending his woman and his chicks. the other, gunning for glory. see who comes out on top. >> now he's really under water. now he popped up again. >>> and the story behind a surprise proposal that got off to a rocky start. erin, what did you think was going on? >> i had no idea. i was honestly getting a bit annoyed. >>> some dangerous driving was all caught on cam rain brevard county, florida. we got this story from wftv. take a look at this video. you've got teenagers driving atvs on a public road. watch what happens? >> oh boy. >> yes. in this video you can see two atvs come into the shot, then t
Sep 9, 2012 4:30am PDT
? principally, we want to work with businesses that have at least one year of sales history. we will look at start of businesses in the case with there is significant industry experience and significant owner injection or investment into the business, but if someone comes was without experience and without capital to invest, we will recommend that they go through a training program and go get some experience before we would be able to lend to them, and that is a fact. we have got to get our loans repaid. we have to maintain a strong portfolio. we are now actually working with the sba. they are one of the sources of our loan capital along with banks like wells fargo, and all of our capital providers want their money back. we make loans, i mentioned, as small as $500, up to $100,000, and we make them at an 8% fixed rate with no prepayment penalty. terms of up to seven years, depending on the amount and purpose, and we look at the client's existing income, but we will take into account the global household financial picture. we will actually looked beyond tax occurrence. that is one of the t
Sep 10, 2012 2:30pm PDT
not come in and take over. that is what is key when we look at this and how it really is the whole community. i want to point out the other agencies that leadçç the recoy support function and looking at all ofç the agencies that have participated. çto bring in the whole entire federal family. that is one of the things i found most frustrating three years ago when i came to be in fema and looking across the ñrwhole inter-agency. çatñr the state level, we were always callingç trying to shop around to find out how we could get more resources because there is so much more out there other than the stafford act. that is what we think about when weç think about recovery. we think about the men and the stafford act. ç-- we think about fema and the stafford act. they did not make any community hall. çit is everything else that cos to bear and how weç maximize te resources as we move forward. as we look into this, we will get into the free-market self -- we will get into theq it is a framework. it is not a plan. youç cannotçç cross out one e and put in another. th
FOX Business
Sep 23, 2012 1:00am EDT
prices, what's really happening if you look at data points, the economy is loge down. new orders going down. trading partners going down. manufacturing going down and employment-- here is the rub, the change, bad economic news means good things for the the stock market. the stock market is not saying that the economy is recovering. the stock market is saying we're going to get more stimulus from gentle ben, more stimulus from mario draghi. not an expectation of recovery. >> those are the central bankers printing money and putting it into the economy in the hope of making the recovery pick up. but, toby, i worry about looking at individual businesses, because, individual things drive them and it may not be a good read on the entire economy. >> if you worry correctly, because if you look at for instance, intel. lighter numbers, why? because they're getting their butts kicked by tablets not an economic indicator. look at real economic indicators, my favorite is con tearer board, jim. you look at container board, and put stuff in bigger stuff and ship stuff. >> brenda: that's a technical t
Sep 20, 2012 5:00am PDT
of mornings. temperatures mainly 60s and 70s, here is sal. >>> good morning, san mateo looks good getting out to the high-rise also the morning commute looks good if you are driving to the peninsular. this is a look at marin county and it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> happening right now, space shuttle endeavor is on its last leg of the trip, we wanted to show you that live just to see what is happening and it is getting ready to take off and land in the desert shortly afternoon after flying over tucson, in honor of congresswoman gabrielle giffords, they are flying over that area specifically for her. >> we know and her husband asked for that and her husband was the last person to command the endeavor on the shuttle flight so it was an honor for her and for him as well, pam. >> yes, and it will head to los angeles and we will be watching it in the bay area because the endeavor is scheduled to fly a low fly over at the golden gate bridge so if you are out get your cameras out because that is supposed to be about 8:30 tomorrow morning and then a path to silicone valley and this is of
Sep 26, 2012 9:00am PDT
a look at this video. you've got teenagers driving atvs on a public road. watch what happens? >> oh boy. >> yes. in this video you can see two atvs come into the shot, then the third comes in, the second, the middle atv slows down almost to a stop and the third atv slams right into it. the passengers on that at v including the driver, flip over the handle bar and get run over by their own atvs. >> do we know what happened to these kids? >> serious injuries, one in critical condition, serious condition, and the third is out of the hospital, suffered minor injuries. these were all young people between the ages of 12 and 17. >> wow. >> get this, police actually issued tickets in the incident even to the drivers who were in the hospital. >> in my opinion, it looks like a paved road. these things aren't really designed to handle that well on pavement. these are designed to be on the dirt, trail, wood. when you put them on asphalt, they can get wobbly. >> anyone can drive an at v you have to have your parents permission but you're not supposed to drive them on a road for cars. you're not supp
Sep 18, 2012 4:30am PDT
traffic looks good as you get to the peninsular. let's go to pam. >>> a firefighter was i can a firefighter was taken to the hospital after a business was damaged overnight. allie rasmus is there at the scene on east 14th with more on how this firefighter was injured, good morning raleigh. >> reporter: it started on east 14th street and that back door area is where the firefighters are where they have a flashlight and they are still checking out some of the damage. in that area there was a lot of heavy smoke and they sent several firefighters onto the roof to release the smoke so ground crews can go inside. one of the firefighter cut himself with a circular saw. it was a serious cut but they think he will be okay. meanwhile they continue to fight the two-alarm fire and they are trying to keep the smoke and fire from spreading to the rest of the restaurant. >> the guys actually did a great job in knocking down the roof relatively quickly. >> reporter: now i spoke briefly to one of the managers of the grill, he said this restaurant has been here for seven years and they have no
Sep 21, 2012 6:00am PDT
in a few minutes. the iphone 5 is going to go on sale and about two hours in stores. as we take a live look at the new york city area. rioting on the streets of san francisco do to police shooting a suspect after a foot chase. let's take a look at the weather. >> everybody wants to know we be able to see shuttle endeavor? that answer to that is yes. we are expecting a lot of sunshine this afternoon. we will see the highs in '80s. there'll be a short slight breeze. we are starting to see a back up at the toll bridge. the quake new czech state said there is not a backup. for southbound south 85. >> 6:01 a.m.. shovel shuttle endeavor is scheduled to take off about a 3:00 p.m. it will work this way across the bay area. hi there will. the morning daria this is a hot spot. look at all the cars that are trying to get through the security gates. people are getting in line to take a look. they're trying. we're trying we are trying to talk with them but they are cutting front of each other and doing whatever they can so they can get into place to wait for the endeavor to arrive. we should be able to
Sep 5, 2012 3:30pm PDT
to worn warn you, this footage could be disturbing. this is from what looks like a waiting room in a hospital. we found this video on the chinese youtube. play close attention to this guy walking in right now with the backpack on his back. he looks like he's checking in with a nurse's aide or a nurse at the desk. the guy with the backpack sits down, and looks as though he's sitting patiently. but once he removes this backpack, things are about to get terrifying. >> oh, my gosh. >> what is that? >> he pulled a knife out of his backpack and began stabbing at a doctor, a doctor's a a security. the man responsible for this attack apparently was upset with this doctor for not effectively treating his rhinitis, which is basically a runny nose. according to some reports, he actually took one of the nurses hostage and held her for 20 minutes before stabbing her 20 times. >> tell me that everybody survived this attack. >> yes. fortunately, everyone did survive this attack. two of the people, however, did have serious injuries, and are currently being treated. one of them, the doctor hims
Sep 10, 2012 1:00pm PDT
of the seattle great wheel had no idea that this video even existed. >> they're not look out four their safety. now it's our job to look out for their safety. >> this isn't the only video they updated. the same video on the exact same video page called written in black. this time climbing the elevator above a giant ship. all i can think of is -- >> liability. if somebody slips and faums and breaks some something, you're the guy that owns that crane, you're going to see a lawsuit f. they really, really genuinely wand to find out who these people are, there are ways to track where this stuff is being uploaded. if they wanted to, really, they could track these guys down. >> they're planning on putting up cameras, already put up a fence and are going to add barbed wire, ard coulding to that report. >> take measures so this doesn't happen again. >>> this has got to be one of my biggest fears and i'll probably never wear a skirt again, because of this video. surveillance individual grow a walmart in roswell, georgia, and this woman you see is walking arranged the racks. as you see right in front of
Sep 14, 2012 2:00am PDT
the world. "first look" is up next. >>> day of rage. all eyes on the middle east as anti-american protest spreads. >>> an ohio woman gets napped for passing a school bus on the sidewalk. >>> nude photos brewing for england's royal family. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> we begin this morning with high alert. the obama administration is prasing for another day of demonstrations in the muslim world after the weekly prayers. meanwhile, the development into the consulate killings in libya. tracie potts has the late e from washington. good morning. >> reporter: mara, good morning. there have been arrests in the killing. our consulate workers have been evacuated to tripoli. there, there are only emergency staff working as there are fears today across the pond and here about more violence in the region. more demonstrations overnight, more tear gas, more rocks thrown at police. so far, more than 200 have been injured in a protest. despite a call for calm by egypt's president, there's concern of more violence. >> we are going to bring those who killed our fellow americans to justice. >> the fbi
Sep 24, 2012 2:00am PDT
>>> trail challenge. republican mitt romney looks to jump start his campaign after a rough couple of weeks. >>> and the emmy goes to -- who were all the big winners on primetime television's biggest night. >>> and con air. a real life catch me if you can, as italian police arrest a man posing as a pilot. >>> very good morning to you. i'm veronica did he la cruz. those stories and more straight ahead. this is first look on msnbc. today we begin with a battleground blitz. mitt romney is hoping for a fresh start this week following his recent setbacks. romney is planning a bus tour in a crucial state he needs to win the election. while over the weekend the obama campaign pounded on his 47% comments. nbc's brian mooar has the very latest from washington. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, veronica. mitt romney hoping to turn the conversation today after a week spent largely on defense. >> well, i'll tell you what, this has been an interesting week. >> reporter: interesting, perhaps, but mitt romney doesn't want to repeat of last week. he's hoping to get back on the attack against p
Sep 12, 2012 9:30am PDT
! >> las vegas streets are looking -- >> white water rapids. >> see how getting done the strip becomes a crap shoot. a car swerves around a school bus and finds cops on the other side. >> was this a setup? >> hear the story behind the sting. >>> plus, we've seen a few ways to smash a beer can, but never like this. ♪ >>> and a giant turtle steals some green, while the shocked clerk -- >> is like, is this really happening? >>> motorcyclist out for a group ride on the road in south carolina. >> oh! >> no! >> kind of tough to watch. this guy was on a kawasaki vx 10. nick, tell me a vx 10, pretty powerful bike. >> very powerful. light weight bike with a lot of engine. >> this guy goes flying. >> he does two full rotations in the air with his arms and legs spread and then just keeps rolling after he hits the concrete. >> the dash cam is from a rider on a ducati, named antoine thomas. according to him the guy in the accident had to be airlifted to a hospital. survives, but suffered a broken arm and broken leg. >>> the folks in seattle are getting a real view of how dangerous it is for deten
Sep 21, 2012 5:00am PDT
to mild side. it looks good to go for the viewing on endeavour. temperatures with lots of sunshine today. here is sal. >>> all right, steve, good morning to wow. marin county southbound 101 looks good. from center san rafael to the city. 237 looks good. let's go back to dave and pam. >>> san jose police are investigating what may be a double shooting nearby flanagan drive in east san jose. ktvu ann ruben is in san jose with details about the victim. >> reporter: police are still trying to piece together how this went down. they say two people were shot and both were transported to the hospital. it happened around 10:20 last night here at the direction of flanagan drive and alvin avenue when police arrived they found two victims. the first was a 39-year-old man that had been shot in the chest and also had a broken arm. a second victim a 24-year-old was also transported. investigators say both men are expected to survive their injuries. police say this may have started with some sort of heated argument. right now they do not believe it was gang related. live in san jose ann rubin. >>> time
Sep 2, 2012 4:37am PDT
loans up to $50,000. this is -- we check credit. we need a business plan. then we look at the three-year tax return and that statement. we do a lot of home care and mom-and-pop shops. we also do start ups. we asked for approval through documents. we work a lot with people who do not know how to file taxes properly. we are mainly focused in san francisco. we are small. we focus mainly on the tenderloin, chinatown, bayview, visitation. we do a lot of expansion. people start small through the credit union and then want to go to the bank. we know we are limited. we cannot afford to give out a big loan. starting from the credit union, we educate them about filing taxes properly and then moving on to the bank, a small one, expansion, and we work with the bank. the bank and credit union are similar. we do allow tax returns, projections. credit unions do not charge an additional loan or processing fee. processing time, on a small loan, -- consumer loans probably a few days. because we require a business plan, sometimes it takes longer. business plans take a while. especially bank statements
Sep 20, 2012 4:30am EDT
with a look at traffic. lynette with weather. beautiful day out there yesterday and of course the roads right now pretty quiet. >> yes and how about the orioles game? >> incredible. >> unbelievable. they are now chalk them the extra in-- calling them the extra inning beast of the east. keep it up orioles we're proud of you. >> i know a lot of people yawning this morning. >>> the weather is really going to be a shock to the system. it is chilly out there and brisk, make sure you have the jacket out and about. the numbers are cool. 40s in a lot another soft, this morning. -- of spots the morning. nottingham at 50. these temperatures are well below for this time of the year and we are going to be dealing with dry weather through the day. that's some good news as well. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now it will stay that way into the afternoon for the next several days. get out there take advantage of it and enjoy it because you know all good things must come to an end. we lock at the hour by hour forecast for today and we're looking pretty darn good as we go into lunchtime. 74 degre
Sep 2, 2012 9:00am PDT
in the distance, mount tam here but look at all the fog. compressed marine layer in parts of the north bay. we started out in the 40s. it was chilly start from napa to santa rosa. still fog around the airport. look what happens around by noontime, warming up from the low to mid-60s in the bay. 12-10 degrees of warming from our coast to inland valleys. we're not done yet. warmest day of the week will be the holiday tomorrow. details coming up. >> terry: breaking news in san francisco, the chp is investigating the cause of a crash at highway 101 that sent a car over the railing onto the street below. video of the scene just in. it happened at the split. two cars collided sending one car flying on to vermont street. this is near 16th. the driver was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. >> san francisco police investigating a fatal motorcycle crash in golden gate park last night. the man in his 30s crashed into a light pole near kezar drive and martin luther king drive. the victim's name has not been released. >> this morning we have news of a special prayer vigil for a critically in
Sep 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
of the ceremonies. >>erica: it looks like i missed a lot of pleasant weather in the bay area. we have pretty pleasant conditions over that area. here are the temperatures right now. it is a mostly the '50s. take a look at satellite and radar. the fog is hugging the coast line. there is not too much change in the forecast. we have the same pattern of afternoon sunshine. it is not too hot or too cold. here are the afternoon highs. another kron 4 7 day around the bay for cash shows that tomorrow is when to be much like today. we will see a warming trend starting thursday in the fog will make a comeback but will be over all pretty pleasant. let the good of the bridges. the book as let's take a look at the bridges. there are no hot spots. the bay bridge toll plaza shows only a few cars. here's the san mateo bridge. the drive is just 13 minutes from end to end. here is a look at the golden gate bridge there is not very much fog to deal with >>james: the san jose fire department is on the scene of a to alarm fire. it was reported shortly before 3:00 this morning. we will have more on this story in
Sep 11, 2012 4:30am PDT
manhattan 200 families will read the names of those killed. we will look at men morial there, for the first time elected officials will not speak at the event. coming up, we will take you back to ground zero for a look at their observances. >> and also president barack obama and michelle obama will honor flight 77 and the 25 people -- 125 who were inside the pentagon and who died 11 years ago today. that event will include a wreathe laying and a moment of silence. >>> 40 lanterns were placed to represent the 40 passengers in sanctionville. vice-president joseph biden will speak at the ceremony and it includes a reading of the flight members passengers and crew. >>> and also tara moriarty is in san francisco this morning with more on what the fire department is doing to remember those who died. >> reporter: well, one minute befor 7:00 0 -- we are told the bell on the corner of full son will -- folsom will signify the last ban. they will observe as well a moment of silence. right now the tower is lit up in red white and blue and in about two hours, all 43 firehouses will hold ceremonies to r
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
are not that high but highs are 60s and 70s and very low 80s, here is sal. >>> traffic on marin is looking good if you are driving towards san rafael and traffic looks good in marin county and also traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge, let's go back to dave and pam. >>> one firefighter was injured fighting an apartment fire. ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter ann rubin was first to report on the scene and has more on the rescue of a woman and her dog and a look at the damage, ann ? >> reporter: take a look, it was a tricky one for firefighters not easy to access and in the end, he was taken to the hospital with minor burns. the fire apparently started in a second floor apartment. initially there were three people trapped and as it turns out, it was three people and her dog. the woman may be suffering from smoke inhalation but has so far refused treatment. the fire happened here which includes four apartment complex and they are concerned other apartment the may have smoke or water damage. this woman lives below the fire. >> the light and i looked out and saw it was a fire and i looked o
Sep 20, 2012 4:30am PDT
the break. police have determined that driver was not impaired. you can see amazing video just look for the bay area news tab right on our front page. >>> according to the latino vote on the campaign trail, republican challenger mitt romney and president barack obama are criss-crossing they are delivering information about jobs at a rally in miami. >>> a 72-year-old man from walnut creek drowned after being dragged out by a giant wave in bah-hah california. he was found 800 yards from where that wave hit the couple. his wife is covering from respiratory problems. >>> 41-year-old frank ryan was released from regional medical center late yesterday. he suffered an injury at a fire while fighting a fire and they raised money to fly him to san jose. >>> a police shooting has sparked outrage. they will ask that the attorney general investigate mario romero's death. he sat in a car outside of his home october 2nd. he reached for a spell let gun, -- spell let gun and his family said they do not -- they did not have a weapon. palo alto police are now warning women about several groping incid
Sep 2, 2012 12:00am EDT
. >> throws short and he does the rest. looking right there in a good way. going all the way for the touchdown. uva wins. and there was a rowdy crowd of more than 80,000 giving the players at penn state a standing ovation. look at that. the players dropped to their knees for a moment of remembrance. a very somber day. ohio trailed 14-3 but for 21 points. they lose their first game. final score 24-14. and navy lost to notre dame 50-10 in ireland today. d.c. united is real. >> so fitting that notre dame was playing in ireland. coming up, why are these people dressed in costume on a steamy >> this isn't the newest live action show for kid. these are adults taking part in the annual event in atlanta. it's where fans of science fiction, ex comic books meet up to share their passion. today a parade was held. love to see adults getting dressed up. another look at your sunday forecast. >> back with a final check of your forecast and some bad knews for all those barbecues. >> we had the heavy rain and tomorrow we're going to look for a similar situ
Sep 16, 2012 6:30pm EDT
of this. aaa says to switch to unleaded gasoline which is less expensive. >> some drivers looking to get their cars inspected at d.c.'s only inspection station were greeted with on saturday rebecca cooper has the story of the mixed messages. >> in washington, d.c., this facility is the only place in washington you can go to get your car inspected. the former resident ron johnson says it is one thing he likes about now living in maryland. >> they have quite a few places to go to, and it is more convenient. >> this resident says it is best to always go during the week day. >> i tried to time it well. it is like a window of opportunity. >> her dad says he went to the inspection station on friday. >> i could not believe how long the line was. i almost drove away. >> people who had the day off got there only to see it would be close because of a funeral. >> i did not see sign it. >> by saturday, the signs were posted. these seem to suggest the station would be closed from 10:00 to 1:00. one resident said he waited well past 2:00 but the station never opened. turned out he needed to read the f
Sep 4, 2012 4:30am EDT
? >>> looks like it's going to be on the deerry side. tropical feeling. we are dealing with the remnants of isaac. we have showers to talk about this morning, we can see them floating in to kale county and some -- carroll county and some to the south and west of baltimore, moving towards the north and east. heaviest in york, pennsylvania, lancaster, if you are heading towards that area, be careful, there are flood watches and warnings. temperature wise, we are very warm, 73, 75 easton, 74 sykesville. nothing stirring the atmosphere. through 9:00, 79 degrees and 83 by lunchtime. >>> good morning, everybody. let's get to the boards, 795s down towards 695, it meets 70, looking good. green on the screen. few construction delays to report. no speed sensors, indicating everything going good. this is along sinclair lane. near the highway seeing construction this early morning, that should slow you up. towards the tunnels, dealing with issues with road construction. outside for a live shot. this is the approach. looking good, headed towards the 695, looking good. another check of traffic in les
Sep 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
this informative "for women only" brochure with all the information you need to look, feel, and act younger than your years. and for a limited time, when you call or visit hair club today for your free private consultation, you can receive a microscopic hair and scalp analysis absolutely free. you too can go from this to is with hair club for women. >> we called hair club, and we're glad we did. [♪..., no voices] [music changes] >> woman: ♪ ooh... yeah ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah [♪...] >> announcer: hair club-- we do it all. for you. >> 80% of feeling good is looking good. >> i absolutely love it. it's fantastic. >> you feel like a new human being. >> i can use clips and headbands and barrettes, and it's, it's wonderful. >> i am more pleased than what i had even imagined. >> now i go anywhere, do anything, with confidence. even on a really bad day, you never, ever have a bad hair day. >> i felt so good about myself. i've never felt better. >> i love my hair. i love how i feel about my hair. >> i'm a new me. i'm reinvented. >> hi, i'm tom wainman, and i'm here to talk to you today about a company
Sep 17, 2012 12:30am PDT
. come outside. come out here. can you spell gold -- we've got gold. all up there. >> let me see -- looks good. >> of course amos does. that's amman. everything he does looks good. >> that's not funny -- put it back! ♪ >> hi, i'm bonnie. >> i'm velma. >> and we're sisters. ♪ >> we were raised in this neighborhood. i guess over 60 years. >> we had stickball time, skate time, double dutch time. everything had its season, and everybody came out, everybody knew everybody else. and it was just a family-oriented neighborhood. ♪ >> the house is like a safe haven. people know even on the block itself, had they're going through issues in life, they feel that they can come and share their hearts and know it's okay. >> there was always a bed for somebody. and our grandparents just instilled that in us. always being open. always ready to help someone else. >> somewhere in the early '50s, it was purchased by our grandparents. >> yes, yeah. >> and we have been there since that. >> and not much has been done since then. >> we see it looking the way it -- we wish it looked, you know, still looked i
Sep 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
who think maybe it was mitt romney who killed bin laden. you can look at those numbers in the despair or you can conclude that the people who answer poll ster's questions are just being sarcastic. please let that be the truth. please tell me you are kidding. now it's time for "the last th. please ohio and north carolina let that be the case. first look is up next. >>> 11 years later, americans pause to remember the worst ever terrorist attack on u.s. soil. >>> insult to injury. a california woman getting carjacked, then slammed by her own vehicle. >>> old meets new. jetman makes a speck tack legislature stunt. good morning, those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> we begin this morning with a day to reflect. 11 years ago today, terrorists attacked this country in an unprecedented asult killing nearly 3,000 people. today, ceremonies will be held in three locations. including the world trade center. daniele joins us from ground zero. good morning. >> good morning. the pools behind me will feature six moments of silence. they will have
Sep 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
pin i thought it was a semi pin >> i looked over and saw the officer already down pin when i knocked over i saw the second officer on the hill firing down at the suspect pin side realize what happened all i wanted to do was to get out of the way. >>justine: this is exactly where the shooting happened. >> this was on a 680 an alamo. let's take a closer look at that area. it happened on 680 south on the livoma exit. all southbound lanes were finally opened by about 630 in the evening. >>justine: confined for the information about this and other kron 4 news at our cast 193. police are searching for a suspect in a shooting. we will bring you more information as to get >>erica: good morning. it is another cloudy day of around the bay area. here is the day planner. they can get fairly warm appeared we have a handful of spots creeping up into the 90s. there will be no blue skies. we will see mostly cloud cover. this is a tropical front so it may be a little bit monday. -- mcgee-- muggy. >> let's take a look at our temperatures now. we will see an increase of cloud cover or
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